A House Divided

The Worg and The Wedding

Episode 4

After arriving at The Rock (Yes we can smell what it’s cooking!) and investigating the locals as well as tracking the bear into the forest, the group came across an old witch living comfortably amongst the forest and mountains. “Mother” to whom the group addressed the woman made a deal with them that if they’d rid the world of her poisoned son she’d disclose who was responsible for the killings but only if it was promised that the person would be brought to her for training so that they could control the new found abilities. The group gave the blood oath as was the custom of those north of the wall and the location to the evil son was given. Gaining the personal guard the men trekked through the forest to the tower where a battle ensued. After some resistance the House of Berrigan emerged victorious as Lord Berrigan behead the vile Hallayn. The knightly Ser Tyr claimed the tower to House Berrigan and they returned with the head to Mother. She kept her word giving the name of the young girl who was indeed the worg, the group went back to The Rock and Lord Berrigan convinced the girls parents that the right thing to do was to let them bring her to the old woman for training. They arrived shortly thereafter at the Fray house for the wedding where they were able to negotiate additional tournament events, a meeting for trade talks and properly gain an ally. The tournaments went well for House Berrigan though the deck seemed stacked against them. The Joust went to Ser Tyr, the Bow to Huntsman Bragus and the melee to the young Vesury who displayed skill and youth in his victory against another House Berrigan member Edwin the Noble. A dangerous melee event it was claiming the permanent health of some and early outs of others, the house was able to withstand the battle from the finest of all the Riverlands snaring a victory from certain defeat. The wedding complete, the purses finalized the group returned north to Frozen Falls for some much deserved rest.


Coogerbate Shadowalker

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